Attendee Registration  ($2,250.00)

Attendees are provided with a ​review ​of ​all ​relevant ​basic ​knowledge ​subjects ​in ​Regenerative ​Medicine ​and ​are prepared ​for ​the ​American ​Board ​of ​Regenerative ​Medicine ​Written ​Board ​Examination. ​The ​scope ​of ​the ​Review ​Course ​includes ​modules ​pertaining ​to ​the ​History ​of ​Regenerative ​Medicine, ​Nomenclature ​and ​Definitions, ​Basic ​Sciences, ​Clinical ​Sciences, ​Regulatory ​Issues, ​as ​well ​as ​a ​glimpse ​into ​the ​future ​of ​Regenerative ​Medicine. ​The ​Review ​Course ​is ​given ​by ​AABRM ​core ​faculty, ​who ​also ​serve ​on ​the ​AABRM ​Board ​of ​Directors.  ​Day ​two ​offers ​an ​intensive ​didactic ​presentation ​session ​followed ​by ​a ​comprehensive ​hands ​on ​cadaver ​training ​course ​in ​the ​application ​of ​regenerative ​biologics. ​ ​The ​training ​course ​is ​directed ​by ​renowned ​clinical ​and ​scientific ​leaders ​in ​the ​field ​of ​regenerative ​medicine. ​ ​Register ​today ​to ​enhance ​your ​knowledgebase ​and ​expertise. 

Attendee Registration


Exhibitor Registration  ($3,000.00)

Exhibitors are provided with the opportunity to meet face to face with customers, decision makers, prospects and competitors.  Through this interaction you can cultivate relationships, build partnerships, generate high quality leads from a targeted audience and showcase products and services to potential buyers using hands-on demonstrations.  This leads to increase exposure and brand awareness, allowing you to build your contact database and meet your marketing objectives.  Exhibitor registration is first come first served.  There are 13 exhibitor tables available.  Each table has an equal vantage point in the Island Ballroom.  Once your are registered you will be provided with your table location.  Click here for the exhibitor's layout.  Exhibitors are provided with the following;

  1. Six (6) foot table at booth
  2. Electrical power
  3. Space for a 10 foot wide display

Exhibitor Layout

Exhibitor Instructions

Delivery address:

Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa
17260 Harbour Pointe Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33908
Attention: American Biologics Regenerative Medicine Training Conference

Delivery arrival dates:  January 25 - February 1, 2018

Exhibitor setup date & time:  February 1, 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Exhibitor breakdown date & time:  February 3, 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Exhibitor Registration

Sponsorship  ($1,500.00 - $2,500.00)

Sponsors are given the opportunity to sponsor a meeting event.  Their product brochures and pop-up display would be placed in the Lunch and break areas.  They will also have 10 minutes to present their products or services to the entire audience in the Caloosa ballroom.  The following are available sponsorship opportunities;

Sponsor the AABRM Coffee Break ($1,500.00)

Sponsor the AABRM Lunch Break ($2,500.00)

Sponsor the Didactic Presentations Coffee Break ($1,500.00)

Sponsor the Didactic Presentations Lunch Break ($2,500.00)